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Pregnancy Yoga

Many women find that yoga helps to relieve pregnancy discomfort and teaches healthy relaxation and breathing skills in order to better prepare mentally and physically for the coming birth. Each pregnancy yoga class will involve asanas and relaxation/self hypnosis techniques for pregnancy and birth as well as appropriate breathing techniques (pranayama) for labour and positions for the birth.


  • Maintain a good level of fitness
  • Strengthen/preparation of mind &body for birth
  • To encourage deep relaxation
  • To improve posture & alleviate back pain
  • To feel lighter, making movement easier
  • Meet like minded Mums to be
I offer a ‘rolling’ programme in eight session blocks, enabling you to start whenever is suitable for you.

For more details please contact me


With my first pregnancy I didn’t do any classes I simply kept taking my dog for his daily walks. This time round I wanted to do a class or something extra and I also wanted to have some time to bond with the new baby growing in my tummy; as having an 18 month old running around meant that I didn’t have the same amount of time as before to pause and dream about what baby would look like and how things would be.

I’m so glad I found out about Michelle’s Yogabellies class (at Gangwarily) as this class gave me the precious time I craved to exercise, stretch, learn breathing techniques, meet other mums-to-be and to bond with my baby during the relaxation/meditation part of the practice.

Michelle is a great yoga teacher and I highly recommend the class. It has kept me in good shape both mentally and I do feel better physically too (speaking now after the birth of my son). It helped me keep calm in the lead up to the birth (as let’s face it, thinking about impending labour is a scary thought) and kept my body stretched and relaxed after spending hours “running” around after my little boy. My labour was extremely short this time round and I put the breathing techniques I had learnt at Yogabellies to good use (accompanied only with gas and air). I was alot more controlled this time and as a result I had a lot less trauma to my body. Overall highly recommended! 🙂 ”  Tasha