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Baby Massage

The use of touch is a powerful healing influence, which is an ancient art used in many cultures. Baby massage encourages bonding between you and your baby, by creating the perfect environment for touch, eye contact and the beginnings of verbal communication with your baby. It promotes a happy, comfortable relationship with your baby, as a blueprint for the future. Baby massage also provides relief for your baby from common ailments including trapped wind, constipation, colic, teething pain and sinus congestion.

What happens in a class

We create a warm, relaxing, calming environment for babies for Mum to be shown the gentle massage strokes and to enjoy the beautiful unfolding of bonding together through touch.


  • Improves weight gain for baby
  • Aids better sleep for baby
  • Loving touch soothes baby & helps relax Mum
  • Encourages improved growth & development of baby
  • Encourages good circulation of baby
  • Aids digestion of baby and reduce colic symptoms

Baby Massage Classes currently not available .  Please Contact Me to be added to the waiting list

Baby Massage Classes take place at Beaulieu Church Hall.  A wonderful location in stunning surroundings